Home care services


  • Elderly
  •  people with mild learning disabilities
  •  dementia 
  •  Alzheimer's
  •  physical disabilities
  •  Companionship
  •  light household chores
  •  shopping 
  •  personal care
  •  live in care
  •  overnight care ( waking or sleeping nights)
  •  Hospital to home
  •  care homes to home
  •  holidays away
  •  day trips
  •  specialist care (  cancer care/ end of life care/ spinal injury care)

About Our services

Walton out care is proud of its values RESPECT.  We feel that our values best describe us as a company  both for our customers and our staff.  You can be assured that Walton out care will provide support and assistant in a respectable,  professional, caring and dignified way. 

Our staff  are fully trained DBS check before they are asked to provide any form of support or care.  you will also be introduced to staff who will be working with you so that you are familiar with the staff member before they visit.

Prior to you receiving our services,  we will visit you  and complete a full initial assessment. the initial assessment takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour.  During this  time we will discuss your needs and get a better  understanding of the support that you require from us.  By completing the initial assessment this will also give us a better idea as to the staff that we feel may be compatible to provide the assistance required.  

Once the initial assessment is completed we will check  staff availability for compatibility according to the information that you have given us about the care and support you need. We will also complete an in-depth care plan highlighting the information gathered from our initial assessment. 

With the information collected during our initial assessment,  a care plan will be compiled capturing the support  you have requested and how staff will be expected to assist and support you to complete tasks safely, professionally and in a dignified way.  Staff will at all times gain your consent before engaging in the task.

We use a software to store your information safely, however you're  allocated staff will have access to this portal where they will be able to login and have access to your care plan. 

 Your family member will be given access to your care portal to see the time of the  visit and task they have completed with you,  we will ask for your consent before family members are given access to  your information.  your family members or relatives will also have the opportunity to leave notes for Care staff should they wish.

At Walton out care we do not do 15 minutes call time, we feel this would be a rush visit as well as the quality of care will not be done satisfactorily.  

Walton out Care staff will be professionally dressed in the uniforms they will also have an ID badge which will identify who they are including the name. 

 we are aware that sometimes individual receiving care may feel a bit apprehensive of care workers wearing uniforms when they are out in the community,  we are very flexible in our approach and the service that we deliver so you or your family member can discuss attire with us.



Additional Information


At Walton Out Care we spend a lot of time matching the right carers with the right customers, creating a comfortable relationship that enables a carer to meet the needs of a customer in a comfortable and friendly environment. At Walton Out Care we understand that everyone is different and also there needs, and they will be assessed as such.

Walton out care pride itself by delivering quality home care services to individuals in the comfort of their home. At Walton Out care we use a person-centred approach,  by doing so we ensure that we listen to you in order to understand your needs so that we are able to provide the best possible care.

Our mission is to provide a flexible supportive service to all clients and candidates, so that they can trust we are honest, open and communicative with them whilst meeting their needs

We are a limited company registered in 2013, we are based in the city centre of Derby,  our location is accessible by public transport we are local to Derby bus station and approximately 15 minutes walk from the train station.

We operates an Out of hours service to ensure we can speak to people when it is convenient for them.

We work closely with each individual to determine what kind of care is required, ensuring we meet the needs of our customer’s through person-centred care planning, maintaining privacy, dignity and respect in everything we do. 

We believe that by providing the right team to match our client's needs we can provide, safe and effective delivery of care in the comfort of there home.

As a Home-care provider, we take pride in our work and have huge respect for our carers and the work they do. Our highly experienced team of Home Care professionals will provide you with an experience like no other.

We listen to our customers and highly value any feedback that may help us to improve and develop our services. We pride ourselves on our innovative and personalised approach to care. We offer a variety of flexible and affordable packages, from 30 minutes a day, up to 24 hours, all tailored to suit our customer’s needs. Areas of home care services we specialise in are:

  • Personal care 
  • Dementia care 
  • Overnight care 
  • Carer supported holidays
  • Live in care 
  • Appointment support 
  • Support with shopping 
  • Respite 
  • Personal Assistant 

For more information about services in the comfort of your home or to request a brochure please email care@waltonoutcare.co.uk alternatively contact us on 01332986485